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Lumina SPARK

The intention of Lumina Spark is to raise the individual's level of self-awareness and help them understand their behaviours. With this knowledge they can become more effective at making things happen and improve their communication with others and appreciate better how they view risk.


At the heart of this approach is a questionnaire which measures different aspects of their behaviour. Lumina is based on years of psychological research, will give indicators about how the individual behaves, acknowledges their strengths (and how sometimes these can be overplayed) and identify behaviours that are rarely displayed. It will also make clear distinctions between their behaviour and their motivations.

risk-type compassTM

The Risk Type Compass is a personality based assessment, focusing on the differences on ways individuals perceive and handle risk and make decisions. Each individual is identified as being one of eight different Risk Types; knowledge which is immensely valuable in any industry.


The RTC is able to measure as individual's predisposition towards risk which can aid the transformation of the individual's attitude towards the decision-making process, thereby creating a space to make better informed choices and decisions.


The RTC is a reliable representation of an individual's type and risk nature and has been developed and rigorously tested by leading occupational psychologists.